Monday, September 27, 2010

China House of Common Impersonate

I think it will be super fun if we can have a weekly or monthly policy debate on buzz between shadow government which is easily formed on buzz and twitter and the government impersonators whose part is much more difficult to perform than the shadows.

Who would like to impersonate Best Actor?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Call for inquiry and review of the Jiangxi Yihuang tragedy

Facts are all out there, but there are so many questions need to be asked, and a policy review should be undertaken concerning the governance of local authority and the relationship between central and local government.

1, What is the first resort of local authority to resolve such displacement dispute and other disputes with civilians, by coercive and harassing force from the executive branch or by legal procedure?
2, In this case, has any side, the family who refused to move or the executive branch who want to carry on their project, brought it to the court?
3, Why was the deputy county chief in charge on site? Is it because the under officials are incapable to deal with issue of such magnitude; or because it is required by party rule that such level of official should on site; or because that guy cannot manage his subordinates and don't trust his subordinate to handle this issue properly?
4, The airport toilet siege episode happened after the case is under national media spotlight and was broad-casted by social media, has the county chief ever considered whether he is the right person to be in charge on site?  Has he considered about the consequences of such unconstitutional violation or he just had no choice? Is there any zero tolerance party regulation that  chief will be sacked if petitioner arrived Beijing?
5, The corpse seizing episode is totally incomprehensible by a reasonable mind, will the corpse has any magnificent ramification for the whole case? And the party chief is in charge on site!  Is it that CCP members have a higher proportion of necrophilia?
6, Is there any corruption involved in the case?
7, Who is the police chief and who is the president of the court? How did they going along with the three officials who have been sacked? 
8, According to the published sacking list, it is a massive change for the whole local authority, concerning the speed of the decision, is it a prepared list? 
9, After millions if not hundreds of millions of people saw a emotional picture showing a frightened and fragile beautiful girl deported by a government task force team, she was screaming for help in the picture behind a sealed bus window, just as a Jewish on a Nazi train, will head of the state announce whether or not he is prepared to honor and defend the constitution, and call for prosecuting the person who is in charge? 
10, Will the head of the government apologize for the wrongdoing of his government, and make a thorough review of the management and control of his government?