Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When will America outsource its campaigns?

President Obama concerns about the influence from foreign governments or companies after Citizen United. But he seems forget the influence from foreign people.

With internet, people around the world are influencing each other, I can still remember my American friends asked me in 2008 about who do I think is a better candidate, the answer  is obvious at that time, there was an Obama fad worldwide. I don't know how in the end such people to people communication will affect my friends decision in the ballot station, let's just imagine a young American who has facebook friends from Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and they all prefer one candidate, how will he/she feel?

However, internet can be the most powerful tool to distort the political process, especially when it is under control by undemocratic government, or provided by maga-company such as google or facebook.

I guess in the next campaign, some of the internet campaign effort will be outsourced to countries such as India or even China. 

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