Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A freedom and democracy we can buy

I walked around the charred building this afternoon to fulfill a citizen's obligation-show my concern and support.

Police presence, if not count in plain clothes, is less than I expected. How can things go out of control while there is no opposition force and the dictators are equipped with high precision dynamos? Yes they can control the emotion of a billion people, but they cannot control the sparkle from a welder, and a cumbersome bureaucracy.

Ten minutes walk from the site, there are vendors of chrysanthemum flowers, the nearer, the more of them. The street is still covered with flowers, each bundle of flower a non-confidence vote to a government, I perceive.

I will thank all the brave and sometime brazen vendors who made this democracy market, where people can buy a vote. And I will also praise the highly professional Shanghai policemen who kept this market in order. And I also hope on Dec 10th there will be a market of yellow ribbon for another great cause.

Isn't it the case that we used to spend too little on justice and democracy? Or the resources we should have used on a righteous society has been robbed by the Party thugs? 

But Shanghai can afford the democracy, even though some lawyers and judges are brave, some brazen, but we need this bigger democracy market. 

Can we buy out the Party thugs or they buy us out?

Unfortunately as many displacement cases showed, if we are to be buyed out, most probably we are burn out.

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