Sunday, November 14, 2010

South Park--My daddy is Li Gang

South Park--My daddy is Li Gang

Suppose Kenny was walking on the pedestrian and was hit to death by a vehicle, the driver was a FAG and was high and also happened to be Dick Cheney's son in law. That FAG killed Kenny as if nothing happened and raised his middle finger to other kids and yelled " My daddy is Li Gang!"

Suppose Dick Cheney had been in bed with principal Victoria, so that principal Victoria ordered Cartman, Kyle and Stan  who witnessed the car accident not to give evidence in court.

Suppose the FAG appeared on Winfrey Ophra and played remorse while Kenny's mother was denied her opportunity to meet any press. 

Suppose Gerald Broflovski take the case for the McCormick family and received a death threat from Dick Cheney.

Suppose Cartman, Kyle and Stan are now discussing about how to bring justice back, Cartman suggest a rally, Stan suggest a petition letter to the most powerful man in the world: Hujintao, and Kyle suggest send Dick Cheney anthrax.

Which of the scenario above is comprehensible to a people in Western society?

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